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914 Mohawk Street, Columbus, OH 43206
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The Old Millworks Bldg, 2020 Leonard Avenue, Suite 206, Columbus, OH 43219
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Shrew’d Arts studio, located in Columbus, Ohio, is owned and operated by Amy Flowers. In addition to an alternative art studio, the space serves as a teaching venue. As a self-taught fine artist, Ms. Flowers has worked in watercolor and traditional drawing mediums since childhood, and has been employed as a professional photographer and darkroom artist for over 20 years.

Amy believes that everyone has a creative side, no matter how they choose to express it. Shrew’d Arts studio and workshops provides a supportive and creative environment for people to explore their artistic soul, with a variety of alternative art media. The informal class structure and innovative instruction offers everyone the opportunity to relax and have fun while creating “outside the box.”

Our bright, airy and cool studio is located at The Old Millworks Building, 2020 Leonard Ave., Suite 206, Columbus 43219, at the rear of the building. Register for classes at Shrew’d via e-mail or phone.

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